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What Is The Cost Of Overnight Dog Care?

By : Mariya Akhtar

Size and Breed: Larger dogs often come with higher boarding fees due to their need for more space and resources.

Author: Mariya Akhtar

Extra Services: Some boarding facilities offer additional services such as grooming, training, or playtime for an extra fee.

Medical Needs: Dogs with medical conditions may require special attention and medication administration, which can incur additional charges.

Peak Seasons: Prices may surge during peak seasons like holidays or summer vacations when boarding facilities experience high demand.

Type of Accommodation: Luxury boarding facilities with private suites and amenities may cost significantly more than basic kennels.

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Duration of Stay: Longer stays often come with discounted rates, but extended periods may still result in higher overall costs.

Staff-to-Dog Ratio: Facilities with a higher staff-to-dog ratio may charge more for the personalized attention provided to each pet.

Food and Treats: Some boarding facilities include food and treats in their pricing, while others may charge extra for these essentials.

Transportation: If you require transportation services to drop off or pick up your dog, expect to pay additional fees.

Cancellation Policies: Be aware of cancellation policies, as last-minute changes to your plans could result in fees or loss of deposit.

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