How To Keep Your Pet Safe During a Fire

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Fires are dangerous for people and pets. As responsible pet owners, we must have a fire emergency plan for our pets. Here are some fire safety guidelines for pets:

1. Include Cats or Dogs in Your Emergency Plan

Develop a comprehensive emergency plan that includes provisions for your pets. Identify escape routes and safe areas where you can gather with your pets in case of a fire.

2. Keep Cats or Dogs Emergency Supplies Handy

Prepare a pet emergency kit containing essentials such as food, water, medications, veterinary records, leashes, carriers, and comfort items. Store the kit in an easily accessible location near your exit route.

3. Install Cats or Dogs Alert Stickers

Place pet alert stickers on your home’s windows or doors to inform firefighters of the presence of pets inside. Include the number and type of pets in your household to aid rescue efforts.

4. Practice Fire Drills with Your Cats or Dogs

Conduct regular fire drills with your pets to familiarize them with evacuation procedures. Practice putting them in carriers or leashing them quickly and calmly.

How To Keep Your Pet Safe During a Fire
How To Keep Your Pet Safe During a Fire

5. Use Cats or Dogs-Friendly Extinguishers

Keep Cats or Dogs-friendly fire extinguishers in your home and ensure everyone knows how to operate them safely. Train family members, including children, on fire safety protocols.

6. Assign a Designated Caregiver

Designate a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member to care for your Cats or Dogs in case you’re unable to evacuate with them during a fire. Provide them with a spare key and detailed instructions on your Cats or Dogs’ care needs.

7. Keep Cats or Dogs Near Entrances

When you’re not at home, confine your Cats or Dogs to areas near entrances where firefighters can easily locate and rescue them. Avoid leaving Cats or Dogs in areas that are difficult to access or prone to fire hazards.

8. Invest in Pet Fire Safety Devices

Consider installing pet-specific fire safety devices such as smoke detectors with voice alerts, automatic pet doors that open in emergencies, or monitored home security systems that detect smoke and fire.

9. Stay Informed and Prepared

Stay informed about fire risks in your area and take proactive measures to minimize hazards in your home. Keep up-to-date with local evacuation plans and emergency alerts to ensure a timely response.


Planning and acting quickly to protect pets during a fire is essential. You can protect your pets in an emergency by including these suggestions to your fire safety plan. Remember, every second matters in a fire, so protect your human and animal family. Stay alert, ready, and safe.

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What should I include in my pet’s emergency kit?

Your pet’s emergency kit should include essentials such as food, water, medications, medical records, leashes, carriers, and comfort items like blankets or toys.

How can I train my pet to respond to fire alarms?

Regularly practice fire drills with your pet to familiarize them with the sound of fire alarms and train them to respond calmly and follow evacuation procedures.

Should I include my pet in my family’s fire evacuation plan?

Yes, pets should be included in your family’s evacuation plan. Assign specific responsibilities to each family member, including designated caregivers for pets during evacuations.

Where should I place pet rescue stickers in my home?

Place pet rescue stickers on windows or doors near entrances to alert firefighters to the presence of pets inside. Include the number and types of pets in your household.

How can I prevent my pet from hiding during a fire?

Create safe spaces for your pet to retreat to during emergencies, such as easily accessible crates or carriers in familiar areas of the home.

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