10 Weird Cat Behaviors You’re Not Sure About

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Hello, fellow feline friends! Have you ever been so confused by your cat friend’s strange behavior that you had to scratch your head? Don’t worry, though—today we’re going to delve into the fascinating world of feline behavior to give you some insight into ten strange behaviors that may leave you perplexed.

The Midnight Zoomies

Have you ever heard your cat tearing around the house like a furry tornado in the middle of the night? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many cats exhibit this behavior, known as the “midnight zoomies.” It’s thought to be a way for cats to burn off excess energy and satisfy their natural hunting instincts.


You’re sitting on the couch, minding your own business, when suddenly your cat starts kneading your lap with their paws. What’s up with that? Well, this behavior stems from kittenhood, when nursing kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. It’s a sign of comfort and contentment for adult cats.

Head Butting

If your cat greets you by headbutting you or rubbing their face against yours, they’re not trying to knock you over—they’re expressing affection! Cats have scent glands on their heads, so this behavior is their way of marking you as part of their territory.

Bringing You “Gifts”

It’s not uncommon for cats to present their owners with “gifts” in the form of dead rodents or birds. While it may seem gross to us, it’s actually a sign of trust and affection. Your cat sees you as part of their family and wants to share their bounty with you.

Chattering at Birds

Ever noticed your cat sitting by the window, chattering away at the birds outside? This behavior is thought to be an expression of frustration or excitement. Your cat is instinctively mimicking the sound of birds to lure them closer, but since they can’t actually catch them, they express their frustration through chattering.

Sleeping in Weird Places

From shoeboxes to laundry baskets, cats have a knack for finding the most bizarre places to take a nap. But why do they do it? Well, cats are natural explorers and love to investigate new spaces. Sleeping in strange places allows them to feel safe and secure while satisfying their curiosity.

Making Biscuits”

You’ve probably noticed your cat “making biscuits” on soft surfaces like blankets or pillows. This rhythmic kneading motion is another behavior leftover from kittenhood and is a sign of comfort and relaxation. It’s often accompanied by purring, indicating that your cat is feeling happy and content.

Knocking Things Over

It can be frustrating when your cat decides to knock over your favorite vase or push objects off the counter. But rest assured, they’re not doing it out of spite. Cats are natural hunters, and knocking things over allows them to practice their hunting skills and satisfy their curiosity.

Staring into Space

Ever caught your cat staring into space as if they’re lost in thought? While it may seem odd, cats are known for their keen sense of observation. They may be fixating on a bug crawling across the ceiling or simply daydreaming about their next adventure.

“Cat Loafing”

Last but not least, we have the infamous “cat loaf” position. You know the one—where your cat tucks their legs underneath them and resembles a loaf of bread. This position allows cats to conserve body heat and feel safe and secure in their environment.


So, there you have it—10 weird cat behaviors explained! While cats may seem mysterious at times, understanding their behaviors can help strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend. So the next time your cat does something strange, take a moment to appreciate their unique quirks and remember that it’s all part of what makes them so special.


Why does my cat meow at me for no reason?

Cats use meowing as a form of communication, so they may be trying to tell you something, such as they’re hungry, bored, or seeking attention.

Why does my cat suddenly start zooming around the house?

The “zoomies” are a way for cats to release pent-up energy and express their natural hunting instincts. It’s perfectly normal behavior.

What does it mean when my cat kneads me?

Kneading is a sign of comfort and contentment. Your cat may knead you as a way to show affection and mark you with their scent.

Is it normal for my cat to stare into space?

Yes, cats are natural observers, and they may stare into space to watch insects or other moving objects. It’s perfectly normal behavior.

Why does my cat knock things off the counter?

Knocking things over is a way for cats to practice their hunting skills and satisfy their curiosity. It’s a natural behavior that stems from their instincts.

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